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The MAMAGREEN production process is at the heart of our success. Unlike many other brands, our designs are made in-house. We have our own manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, and avoid depending on third parties. Our furniture is built in small batches, so that each piece receives meticulous attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. Where needed, we use modern technologies and machinery: finger joints, tenon-mortise, bending, kiln drying, laminating, etc. We continuously use the very best glues, connectors, hardware and other production materials. In our research and development division, we are constantly testing all of our products and materials, using state-of-the-art procedures in our laboratory. The materials must perform to the highest standards, in order to be used for MAMAGREEN furniture.


Teak is well known as the ideal wood for garden furniture, thanks to its close grain structure, rich color and high oil content which makes it able to withstand harsh weather conditions. All of MAMAGREEN’s new teak comes from sustainable teak plantations in Indonesia. These plantations abide by strict sustainability criteria that include replanting trees after harvest. Managed by a certified government body and working together with the European community ensures that legality and ecological standards are met.

Recycled teak is especially resistant to weathering after being used for decades and is therefore an ideal material to produce long-lasting furniture pieces. Many teak buildings, neglected and no longer in use, are found scattered around the island of Java. Re-using the wood from these structures, instead of cutting new trees, helps to protect one of the world’s most fragile environments. Each piece of wood has its own personality based upon its history: Color differences, knots and small cracks from the natural growth of the trees and long periods of air drying; small holes where nails were used, bigger holes from bolts and occasional corrosion stains and other building marks give each piece an exceptional charm. Producing furniture from reclaimed wood requires careful selection of the best pieces to ensure no manufacturing problems. We then clean and grade the wood before our highly skilled craftsmen manually produce the rough-smooth finish that gives our teakwood furniture their unique character.

LAMINATED TEAK (natun & meika)

MAMAGREEN takes pride in leading the way in waste reduction. At MAMAGREEN we reclaim 99% of our waste. All wood used for our Laminated Teak Tops are recycled from our production processes. This wood is a mixture of plantation teak and reused teak wood. To withstand extreme outdoor conditions, all wood components are carefully selected according to grain and age and are then finger-jointed meticulously and laminated with a strong adhesive, suitable for outdoor use.


Table tops made from High Pressure Laminate are designed for outdoor use, highly stain and scratch resistant. They make for an ideal addition to the MAMAGREEN products, with great durability and a sleek look that complements our already beautiful furniture. Produced in Italy, the manufacturing process consists of pressing layers of Kraft paper with resins and aluminum at 150 C and at 9 Mpa.


Powdercoated aluminum is ideal for outdoor use, thanks to the fact that it is lightweight and highly weather resistant. MAMAGREEN uses the strong alloy 6063 with an electrostatically applied, UV-resistant powdercoated finish, ensuring a scratch proof surface and protection from corrosion and UV rays. Available in many colors and on matte or gloss finish.


Highly resistant to staining and corrosion, stainless steel is a very popular material for high quality indoor and outdoor furniture. MAMAGREEN uses stainless steel type 304, because the chrome and nickel in its composition makes it extremely corrosion resistant and very durable. Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable alloy. The beauty of its shiny surface is desired by designers around the world, and its easy-to- maintain beauty, makes it very practical for both residential and hospitality use.


Synthetic wicker is tear-resistant and colorfast. This material can withstand extreme temperatures without deteriorating. Synthetic wicker is impervious to water, a characteristic with which the product maintains its strength and structure. Manufactured to only have smooth edges, this non-toxic material is guaranteed to be safe for all settings.


As an outdoor fabric, Olefin has a strong ability to withstand the effects of exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and humidity. Making it perfect for outdoor cushions.


Imported from European Ferrari, Stamskin is weather, water and color proof. This artificial leather is ideal for outdoor use, both for residential use and in public places, such as hotels and swimming pools.


Beauty and strength combined. Developed to withstand weather conditions, Twitchell is perfect for exterior use. The fabrics are all easy to clean and very strong. Keep your outdoor spaces immaculate for years to come.

☼Minor discoloration may occur, not affecting the fabric strength.


With headquarter in the USA, Sunbrella is rightly called; the king of outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella has excellent weatherability and is the poster boy for high quality outdoor fabric. Able to withstand the harsh environment of the outdoors, it extends the life of your cushions, while feeling like indoor fabric.


Imported from European Ferrari, Batyline is state of the art outdoor fabric which provides an incomparable seating comfort. Strong, tear proof. Ideal for high quality outdoor furniture.